Saturday, January 7, 2012


What better way to get healthy then to start
eating healthy foods that studies have shown can
help you prevent cancer, improve your heart health,
live longer and even burn fat and get slim.

The "King" of health vegetables. Loaded with vitamins such as
B-6,A, folic acid, and K also full of minerals like potassium
and calcium. Broccoli also has unique cancer-fighting
properties, activated by phytochemicals indole-3-carbinol and

Combine the warm nutty flavor of flaxseeds with a generous amount
of omega-3 fatty acids and you have a health food superstar.
Sprinkle them on cereal in the morning and enjoy the healthy
benefits they provide as shown in many studies including:

* Lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the Bad
cholesterol) levels.
* May also help lower blood triglyceride and blood pressure.
* Keep platelets from becoming sticky therefore reducing the risk
of a heart attack.
* Lignan metabolites can bind to estrogen receptors, this may help
the onset of estrogen-stimulated breast cancer.

Many studies support the benefits of adding green tea to your diet.
Some studies show it has cancer risk reducing properties, and a
potential in also decreasing incidence of stroke and heart disease.
Make it habit to switch from regular black tea to green tea.

Walnuts are rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts are
the first food that the FDA allowed to make this claim
"Supportive but not conclusive research shows that
eating 1.5 oz of walnuts per day, as part of a low saturated fat
and low cholesterol diet, and not resulting in increased caloric
intake may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease."

Salmon is another healthy food superstar because it is low in
calories, saturated fat, and is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids
and protein. Research studies have shown anti-inflammatory and
cancer prevention properties and a key role in diabetes and
Alzheimer's prevention plus cardiovascular benefits. Make sure to
Only purchase wild caught salmon and not farm raised.

If you are looking for an antioxidant punch look no further
then the blueberry. This fruit has the highest level of antioxidants
among fruits. Studies have shown that blueberries can help in
lowering cholesterol, reducing diabetes risk, and even slowing down
the aging process. Combine that with improving motor skills and
urinary and vision health and you have another
top 10 pick for 2012

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce cancer
risk and slow the progression of Alzheimer's.
Studies have shown
that cinnamon can help lower cholesterol and also stabilize blood
Ginger looks promising for cancer prevention and is

Research on pomegranate has shown amazing health benefits including
reducing heart disease risk, lowering cholesterol and blood
pressure, and reducing the risk of certain types of cancer.

Believe it or not dark chocolate actually makes our top 10 list
because of recent studies which show benefits to our cardiovascular
system as well as cancer-protective properties and mood-enhancing
benefits. Just remember to consume in moderation.

Honey has many healing properties and research has shown that honey
has a role in digestive health as well anti-bacterial and
anti-viral effects. Remember to use raw honey. Raw honey is the
concentrated nectar of flowers that comes straight from the
extractor; it is the only unheated, pure, unpasteurized,
unprocessed honey. An alkaline-forming food, this type of honey
contains ingredients similar to those found in fruits, which become
alkaline in the digestive system. It doesn't ferment in the stomach
and it can be used to counteract acid indigestion. When mixed with
ginger and lemon juices, it also relieves nausea and supplies energy.
Raw honey is the healthiest choice amongst the various forms of
honey as it has the most nutritional value and contains amylase,
an enzyme concentrated in flower pollen which helps predigest
starchy foods like breads.

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