Tuesday, January 17, 2012


1. Avoid processed foods. Of all the healthy eating tips, this is the most important! Processed foods are chock full of unhealthy things such as hydrogenated oils, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and excessive amounts of sodium. By preparing fresh foods yourself you can control the amount of fat, sugar and sodium you take in.

2. Eat moderate portions. Serving sizes have gotten huge in recent years, to the point where you can get all your calories for one day in a single meal. Plates and cups are much larger, resulting in portion distortion. You think you're eating the same amount you always have, but it is actually another 50 to 150 calories more per meal that you are taking in, which can result in major weight gain. Don't ever “supersize” anything you order. Use smaller plates, it creates the illusion that you are eating more food

3. Eat slower. Taking time to savor a meal allows you to really taste and enjoy the food you're eating, allowing you to eat less. And since it takes about 20 minutes to feel full after eating, the slower you do it the less you'll end up overeating.

4. Don't eat when you're stressed. When under stress your digestion comes to a near standstill and it can trigger digestive upsets. If you are must eat under stress, make it something easily digestible such as fruits of vegetables.

5. Eat many small meals rather than three large ones. This avoids spiking your insulin levels, allowing your metabolism to stay more even throughout the day. It also will help keep you from stuffing yourself on unhealthy snacks or sweets since people have a habit to crave those things when they are “starving”.

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