Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Know thy ennemy

Let me quote from Sun Tzu's Art of War - "If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt". Knowing and understand the kind of fat you need to fight off will give you a better chance of getting rid of it. Below is a brief description of the layers of tissue found in the human body.

Subcutaneous fat. This is the fat you see in your hips, you thighs and your abdomen. A researcher from Wake Forest U stated that during the time of our ancestors, subcutaneous fat actually is of use – as stored nutrients in the body during winter or famine. Today, however, with the ease of access to food and our ever-becoming sedentary lifestyle, subcutaneous fat is bordering from unnecessary to unhealthy. Some sources claim that it becomes far more dangerous when the fat is found in the stomach, as it may affect the internal organs.

Muscle. After the subcutaneous fat are the muscles. More muscle means less fat, burning calories at a faster rate. Building more muscle is the key to weight loss. Not only does it cut fat, but muscle building also gives individuals leaner and better looks.

Visceral/toxic fat. If we were in a video game, then this is the final boss. This type of fat is usually found deep within the abdominals. Ever the danger, visceral fat makes its way through your internal organs via the blood vessels around the internal organs, or the portal circulation, which ultimately affects the functions of internal organs. Fats like these jump from organ to organ, from vessel to vessel, and may attack your internal system such as the liver. Visceral fat counters your liver's capability to manage the levels of cholesterol which poses you at risk of heart disease. Apart from heart disease, visceral fat opens individuals to the risk of acquiring diabetes as they can cause insulin to become less effective in its job of storing fat.

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