Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ideas On Winterization Health and Seasonal Doldrums

You can keep the seasonal changes from affecting you negatively by following these simple suggestions:

· Taking a good multi-vitamin. It’s essential to good health!

· Ensuring you get enough Vitamin D is crucial in the winter months.

· Being adamant about your individualized supplemental program.

· Making sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids.

· Eliminating refined sugar, refined flour and other processed foods from your diet.

· Exercising at least three times a week for at least twenty minutes, preferably outside while the sun is shining.

· For those more severly affected, having a light box in your home which helps in the winter months to deter “seasonal depression”.

· Making sure you are not over doing “IT”. Whatever this may be and mean for you.

· Washing your hands more frequently.

· Seeing a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner for more serious issues.

These ideas are not all –inclusive by any means,

It’s not uncommon to feel a shift in your energy and mood as the season changes.

Also, this means this is the time of the year where the days are getting shorter and our exposure to sunlight is significantly less. In the late fall and winter is a time to be a bit more conscientious about our health and well-being for the obvious reasons.

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