Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stand up!!!

Sitting for extended periods of time is an independent risk factor for poor health and premature death. Even if you are very fit, if you uninterruptedly sit for a great percentage of the time, you’re still at an increased risk of dying prematurely

Research by the NASA scientist responsible for monitoring the astronauts, shows your body declines rapidly when sitting for long periods

Simply standing up over 30 times a day is a powerful antidote to long periods of sitting and is more effective than walking

There are virtually unlimited opportunities for movement throughout the day, from doing housework or gardening, to cooking and even just standing up every 10 minutes.
If you have a desk job you can find the same opportunity. Even if you have to set a timer, stand up every 10-15 minutes: go get a glass of water, stretch, walk around your desk, stand up to greet customers or co-workers. It only takes a few seconds and it can add years to your life.

It’s not how many hours of sitting that's bad for you; it’s how often you interrupt that sitting that is GOOD for you

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