Thursday, December 30, 2010


Think you don’t have time to exercise? Your life is too busy, too crazy? Can’t afford the gym fees?

First let’s do the math before we make a rational and educated decision. I am all about common sense and practicality.

Let’s say you exercise 5 days per week, an average of 30-45 minute each time. With time to warm up and cool down/stretch time, change your clothes, let’s round it up to one hour per day. This would total 5 hours per week. If you couple this with proper nutrition, you have now developed a healthier body, much less susceptible to cold and flu, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, mood swings, osteoarthritis, heart attacks, early aging, etc

But you ARE a very busy person. That extra 5 hours per week can be used to complete that project at work, to watch that one show on TV you really like, to go out on the town with all your friends, go out and see that new exciting movie that was just released. Sounds like a blast ! We all need those aforementioned at some point.

For a minute let’s forward the clock to 10-20 years in the future. Your first heart attack. Ambulance or helicopter ride. Hospital stay. Procedures, X-rays, tests, blood samples. This sounds time consuming, expensive, life disrupting.

Would you take all this and trade it back for having had the foresight to use those 5 or so hours per week in a more productive manner for your health, emotional and physical well being?

Spending time on your health is not a matter of “IF” but a matter of “WHEN AND HOW”. You can spend it today, working out and eating better or you can spend it later at the doctor’s office and hospital.

And with the body weight method you can’t even use the “I can’t afford a gym” excuse. And if you do get a membership, it’s still much cheaper than a hospital stay. And personal trainers are much more reasonably priced than surgeons.

Still think exercising is a waste of time? As for me, I will choose how and with whom I spend my time, and the quality of this time

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